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Get a free assessment of your Ransomware incident. Our service team is available 24/7.


We analyse your submitted data and decrypt or recover your data with over 99% success rate.


Since a Ransomware attack took place at your systems, we cleanup all ransomware trojans, viruses and malware.


You get a insurance incident report, which contains all necessary data to submit the financial damage to your insurance company.

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About Our Company

BeforeCrypt is a One-Stop service for ransomware recovery & decryption services.

With cutting-edge technology, sophisticated negotiation techniques, and expert cybersecurity guidance, we’re here to help you as ransomware first respondents. We provide expert ransomware recovery, ransomware removal, and ransomware prevention services.

Every case is unique and different. We make sure that your case is treated based on your business model, and are up and back running in minimal time.

We were founded 15 YEARS ago and are serving over 200 CLIENTS regularly, certified with over 12 COMPETENCE CERTIFICATES.

Specialized in Ransomware

BeforeCrypt handles a few hundred cases a year, and you can directly profit from our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of Ransomware and data recovery.

Personal Contact

Don’t panic. Your dedicated contact will guide you through the whole process of the ransomware incident and the recovery of your data.

IT services since 2004

BeforeCrypt is a Spin-Off company from an IT Service provider. We have been established since 2004 and provide services to over 200 medium-sized companies.

Fast Data Recovery

Our team is available 24/7 for emergency service – In particularly critical cases, recovery can begin immediately.

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We’re specialized in handling Ransomware incidents in a professional and fast way.

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Profit from a team of experienced Ransomware IT specialists.


Let us handle your incident with a breeze. Our professional processes can provide you with high-quality results.


Established since 2004 as an IT service provider.

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Free Ransomware Evaluation. No data, no charge.


Fast Ransomware Recovery – Our team is available 24/7 to support clients and to respond to your Ransomware incident quickly. We can help you with all types of Ransomware and Encrypt Trojans.
Insurance Incident Reports – BeforeCrypt creates a Ransomware incident report, which contains all the necessary data to submit the financial damage to your insurance company.
No Data, No Charge Guarantee – If we can’t recover or decrypt your data, you will pay absolutely nothing. You have no risk of using our Ransomware decrypt, removal, or recovery services.
Over 15 Years Of IT Experience – With us, your Ransomware attack becomes a breeze. Our IT experts are certified, friendly, and goal-focused.
Specialized In Ransomware – We handle a few hundred cases every year, and you can profit from our extensive experience and fast processes.